Saturday, July 30, 2011

Don't Fear the Reaper in Transylvania!

I guess you all already realized that I can't resist to a blog challenge, and this is the second week of Blog Hero Challenge, and the song of this week is Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult.

As soon I see this my travel trough koinup pages seeking a grave yard or cemetery had begun!

I finally found a sim with a nice textured graveyard at Transylvania sim. I just take this pic but the whole sim is amazingly well textured, with nice buildings, even the mall ones!

This sim is the home of a RP family of vampires and lycans.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

NaNoBosque - 0 0 Auspicious

NaNoBosque - 0 0 Auspicious is a place that looks like another planet, fulfilled with strange trees and weird nanoghosts.

But even the weirdness is amazingly beautiful!

You will find a research place in the middle of the sim, as long I could see they have a hight technology ... but I still clueless about what they are looking for ^^.

As my latest hobby, I created a brand new windlight to this place, you can grab it here.

Ahh by the way, my look is almost all made by freebies and cheapies!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Daytime Dreams of Jack Spoon in a Bubblegum Weekend

Yeap the blogger bug has bite me ! And I have so many things to do.. so I barely don't know were how to start...

Well, its a Bubblegum Weekend again! So to match unusual hair I need an unusual place, and this is how I present to you the Daytime Dreams sim.

This place has something surreal, but is really pretty to see. All this black and white chessboard on the ground, glowing trees and flowers, giant bugs, steam punk clockwork stuff and hidden doors to explore.

I wish I had time to take more pics, but If I do... this post won't happen :D

And one more thing!!! I'm proud to present you a brand new creator in SL. If you are blog readers as I am, you probably know her work... as blogger.

Steffy Ghost started to create funky, colorful and amazing clothes, and all for really cheap! For now all her stuff are in the market place at Jack Spoon Brand. Shhh don't tell anybody, but all itens are under 15 lindens!!!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Crying in the rain at Altered Illusion

Ohai fellows!

This week was truly busy at RL, but I'm a plurk girl and stay tuned at SL news reading my time line :D

And one cool thing I notice there was the Blog Hero Challenge made by Shayariel Teardrop. She will propose a song and we need to create an atmosphere based on the song. The first song is Crying in the Rain by A-ha.

As soon she made this challenge I started to search a cool place with rain in SL, all that I used to go closed, rebuilded or I already posted it. (I miss Creamshop sim)

After a while I remembered of the Fir & Mina mainstore, a dark and rainy sim.. perfect to take pics for this challenge \o/

This place is called Altered Illusion, come , take a look and bring your umbrella! The sim has its own windlight, but I made one specially for this pic called Isa's rainy day, I repacked my windlights in this file so feel free to use it =^..^=

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cinnamon Bay

Cinnamon Bay is the home of  ~Petit~ Home, furniture  & Garden. I wish that all stores in SL could look good as this place. You barely note this is a store... cause the vendor boards looks like part of decoration, so its easily out of sight when you take pics.

This place has an romantic autumn atmosphere, colored in shades of brown, orange and yellow, calm down and relax hearing the crickets and birds.

The whole sim is so well decorated that makes me want to pay the rent and live here, its a pity that this is not possible.

By the way, it you join the group (there is a small fee to enter) you can brag a amazing group gift, a coastal shack as a Group Gift :D

The first time I ever saw this place was in Torley's koinup works, I guess I already told this before, but just in case... Koinup its a website tuned to virtual words images and art. You can even look for places there, because people post their pics there with the slurl, so visit it and have fun looking people's amazing works :D

I need to say something about my clothes...this whole look made me squeak in happiness. Ayla Verity dropped me this amazing dress and the coordinated bolero, this dress is so me that I've been using this the whole week (thanks God my pixels don't smell  heheh).

So after wear my new favorite skin, my new eyes (I'm in love with them too), choose the lipstick realize that I had some new freebies and cheaps to match with it!

The Purple Moon earrings, with 75% discount to group members (not sure if still like this), free espadrilles by my favorite shoes store (yes, I'm a GOS shoes stalker), a really cheap hair corsage by M2M and the latest group gift by candy nails!

I'm a happy girl  =^..^=

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crowdore - Alice's Madness

Crowdore its a sim dedicated to Alice: Madness Return, the place is so pretty and scary at the same time, colorful and dark, really amazing textures and building here.
At the landing point you have see a room fulfilled with glowing potions, and it gives you the feeling of be part of the history (or movie ^^).

Since I had to turn of the local light to take the pic (the potions REALLY glow) I created a special windlight to this sim, called Isa Spooky, kinda greenish, but I"m pretty satisfied with the result :D

You can grab my windlights here.

As soon I see pics of this place on Koinup I decided to do a couple of things, dress myself as Alice (sort of) and make my pics to Bubblegum Weekends Challenge, do the Inspire Challenge too.

The inspire challenge is a wonderful thing to do , since we see flames , drama and trolls everywhere.

All you need to do is tell people who inspires you in SL, and why. I truly wished to take pics with the person who inspired me to start to blog, Welma Larsson, AKA Welmita Bonekita, the writer of "This doll has a Handbook" blog, she doesn't post anymore, and I'm not sure if she is on SL anymore.

She is a Brazilian girl, just like me, and at 2008 she used to post pretty pics, hints and tips and fight against content theft in SL.

Of course this challenge will have another posts, because many other inspires me nowadays, and I will post about all of them :D

We all need to spread the love despite the hate, and this challenge its a good start.

Well, lets get back to my Alice Version ^^ , I started to search in my inventory a dolly dress, but I'm not a blue lover, so no... no dolly blue dress, then I found a Rotten Toe prize for some old hunt and TaDAAAA , I was almost there (by the way, this prize still there, for free). Then I put some frills and puff sleeve from my favorite Blouse from G Field, some socks, but.. what to put in my feet?

I went to market place to search some low pumps, frilled pumps and I finally found a small shop called Hopy-Poly, I decided to go in wold check the place, they have few items, but they are all cute and the demo is wearable, so go there and grab it.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Silver Springs

Silver Springs its a place that magic and technology walks hand in hand between ruins of automates, steam punk gears and ancient temples.

You can see fairies flying around the place, flowers and trees, robots, in an amazing colorful scene.

At the land point you see a ruined bridge and an abandoned train... next this bridge you can see a magic tree, surrounded by glowing flowers, a Zeppelin and so much more!

If you go a bit further you can see a boat floating in a watter fulfilled with glowing sparkles, right next a ruined temple were you can be in teh middle of a bunch of faeries.

Near this a dead tree with skulls underneath it roots and a profusion of flowers leads us into a path to an old and magnificent carousel.

All I can say is this place is stunning and surely I will come back to bring some friends to see it... and you should do it too!

About my clothes.. well I'm showing some TDR goodies and some releases of a new Store on the Grid, called Sleeping Koala  .

The creator its an alt of PomPomPom store that closed and rebranded with new stuff in great pastel colors! My favorite item so far its this adorable short that came in two versions, I'm showing the shorter version here.

To match this place and this adorable outfit I really needed something special, cute and colorful... the only thing I could thing was the Balloon poses from Addict, created by Kianna Noel.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

HuMaNoiD - Bubblegum Weekends

HuMaNoiD its a stunnintg sim to explore.

Wendy Xeno build this sim to show her peaceful dreams.

Right at the landing point you will find four doors. Each one will send you to a scene, I'm showing just two of them.

The landing point and each door has it own classic music playing, so press play and hear it, because it was carefully choose to match the place, the feeling with music.

Some doors lead to places were couples can dance in a dreamy atmosphere.

There is a couple places to see and explore at the ground, so go there with time and enjoy it.

So go there and don't forget to help this sim to exist donating what you can :D

The other part of this post its about Gogo's Bublegum Weekends Challenge. All you need to do is wear unnatural hair colors, if you don't have a blog you can show your pics at this flickr group.

Have fun!

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Country Club

Country Club its a beautiful place, with amazing buildings and is the home of Club IX.

I felt in love with the arches and the pool with water lilies.

Its a cozy place to stay and take pics.

The place has and sophisticated atmosphere... it worth a visit :D

I received some gifts this week and now I'm gonna show off both :D

First, an amazing curvy shape made by Xanthe Audeburgh, owner of Curvy Silhouettes Shapes (CS Shapes), she rocks , if you need a curvy shape, this is the place to go!

And this amazing unisex pants are made by the talented and amazing funny Faint Paulse. This is part of the new release of Ladies Who Lunch.

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