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Friday, July 26, 2013

Bob & Neko Open House

Heya! First of all, thanks everybody that voted on me for SL10B photo contest. I couldn't made the first place but I was a runner up, so I will reopen Kittens Heaven soon!

And now, lets talk about quick things on sl, like this place were the pictures were taken, this is the house of my friends BobGary and Nekozombie. 

Their house is amazingly beautiful and will be open to public just until july 30th, so hurry up to enjoy this little paradise.

Another thing that will end soon is the Hair Fair 2013. This charity event supports Wigs for Kids and ends on 28th, so hurry up!

Talking about charity.... there is another event made to raise money for one of the most talented creators on SL, Squiternet Larnia, the mastermind behind Donna Flora. Squinternet is suffering of cancer and her income money was from sl, and now she is not good enough to create, she had to move from her full sim to a homestead, because the store sales aren't enough  anymore to keep it. 

Cajsa Lilliehook organized this amazing fundraiser event called Love Donna Flora, several creators are donating items sales to help Squinternet.

Is Squinternet wish to donate the money for Relay for Life in the case she dies before the end of the event.

Bikinis and Boats opened to public and there is a fun hunt and adorable beach related stuff to grab.

And at last but not least, Food Fair is is also a must go event, full of the cutest food related things.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Silver Rose and Vintage Fair

Silver Rose is a sim where you can find Tony Tas Town, an old city with French look, a theater with burlesque dancers. 

The theme is  1920 buildings, with a church, some homes and stores.

I really loved this sim to take some pictures with more Vintage Fair goodies!

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