Sunday, March 11, 2012

Altha - Psy City

Altha, Psy City Town, where the music comes alive… this is a sim with an urban, but vintage look, fulfilled with clubs and an agenda for people that loves electronic music.

You will find more info about the 4 party locations at Psy City Info center.

This sim has great mesh items, so don’t forget to come here with a mesh enable viewer to see all the goodies.

Speaking in mesh… I’m wearing a mesh dress by LWL, mesh hair by Magika and mesh pumps by Ingenue.

To finish this look I’m showing off the newest released skin by Dutch Touch. For a long while Iki Ikarus is fighting some copy booters and rip off skin makers. A while ago she told that won’t be new releases of skins under Dutch Touch anymore because of this… but happily Iki changed her mind and released eSmEE.

This skin is stunning , it comes in a basic skin, with no makeup and you add makeup layers in the combination you wish.

There is also a discounted and exclusive makeup combo for VIP Group (250L fee to enter, totally worth it), I’m wearing the vip skin here.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dragon Rose Isle

Dragon Rose Isle is a beautiful, but spooky, sim , with a cemetery around of abandoned Cathedral (sort of), where you can find  a gothic club.

This place is a dark creatures themed, so vampires, ghouls, werewolves are welcome here.

I’m in love with the local light that turns everything green, like a radioactive glow surrounding

The music stream is awesome for those that like Gothic, EBM and industrial music. (Like me).

I choose a demonic outfit to show you this lovely creep place. My bodysuit is an item of Epoch Legend,  tomorrow will be the last day of this event, so hurry up and grab it all!

Epoch have three themes, The Beast, Art of Escher and Clowning.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

City Legend and Last day of Festival of Sin

Festival of Sin ends today, at midnight SLT, so this will be my last post of if (this year).

I made a mesh looks with FOS items and searched for a really nice urban sim, with some sense of decay, and City Legend is just perfect to that.

It is an adult sim, so be aware that you may find some violence and explicit sex here.

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A while ago Cajsa Lilliehook asked on plurk for some bloggers to make a “secret” project, this project was Donna Flora A to Z, because Donna Flora’s owner and creator, Squinternet Larnia is recovering of an illness and she is not able to create on SL for a while.

This project is about a sweet way to cheer her up.

I guess you already noted that I’m a Donna Flora Fan; I love her jewelry and clothes. I always need to hold myself to not blog her stuff in every single post I do.

This time I will blog many items from Donna Flora, most of them named with the letter A.

As you all know I blog about places to explore and nothing better to blog about Bonin, home of Donna Flora and also Cinecittà...La Dolce Vita.

There are some great buildings here, a movie theater, an art exhibition and some kind of playground.

Enjoy your stay here and shop until drop!

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