Monday, August 29, 2011

Inis Caiseal, Empress and Hierophant and Alchemy Imortalis

Inis Caiseal, is a magical place, where some paths leads you to monoliths, and if you touch this stones they will make you dance (it rezz couple's dance poseballs).

There is parts of the sim where the rain never stops, and a elven pavilion with a unique beauty near a lake full of water lilies where the swans never go to far.

The next sim, with same theme is The Empress and Hierophant, with a rustic, country architectural antiques buildings. This sim will offer opportunities for short term holiday stays soon.

The other SIM is "Alchemy Immortalis" , home of a store with the same name.

Surely you need to visit all this charming sims, you won't regret.

All those 3 sims has a magical atmosphere, and it made me want to dress up as a Fairy, and here I am!

I get this stunning dress in a hunt a while ago at PupleMoon and I'm not sure if this still around.

The Staff is a prize of The Unknown Hunt : Epic Newness, a different kind of hunt, where just new stores are participating (opened after September of this year). The organizer of this hunt is Evelyn Hartshon, more info about this hunt here.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011


When Evangeline Miles plurked some pics of her mermaids and nymph costumes on sale I tped to her store and grab it all! (hurry up, because them was not supposed to still on sale, but they still are!!!)

This part was easy, because both outfits are amazing and fits me perfectly almost no need to edit them.

The hard part was find a beautiful underwater place to take pics of my fancy clothes.

Was really sad to see that mer places are so 2007, not pretty at all, with bad textures and just a couple poseballs everywhere.

I wasted the last weekend looking for a pretty place, after a looong and hard search on flickr, koinup and destination guide I found the beautiful sim of Etana!

There is a small reef, full of beautiful sculpies, nice textures and water sound!

As soon you leave the ocean you see a small beach that ends in a florest. The place is full of life! There is flamingos, deers, Jaguar, unicorns and more!

After the forest you will fins some waterfalls, caves and nice glass buildings.

Its a beautiful sim, its so worth a visit!

I made some new windlights settings , so feel free to use it!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Angel Manor Estate and The Rose Theater

Angel Manor Estate and The Rose Theater are contiguous sims that have a stunning beauty, elegance and sophistication feel.

There is no dress code, but surely you will feel more comfortable wearing formal clothes here.

At Angel Manor Estate you will find lots of areas to relax in this classy enviroment.

This is a manor fulfilled of romantic places to explore, with boat rides and couple dances everywhere.

The Rose Theater is a celebration of the arts. In this amazing building you will find a Theatre, Opera, Ballroom, Romance, Live Music, Performance and Rose Art Gallery.

I'm in love with this place!

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Saturday, August 20, 2011


S.I.C49 is a urban sim, kinda futurist, kinda chaotic, invaded by robotic monsters constantly.

You can help to destroy this monsters, all you need is buy a sword (and the hud) at the landing point for the ridiculous cheap price of 1 L

The place is full of surprises as stores, cars, a hidden circus, a rainy place, in a urban beauty.

It totally worths a visit!

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