Tuesday, December 27, 2011


LEA20 is part of Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA), there is amazing art works happening here, but now let’s talk about Oberon Onmura's work called "Wave Fields".

At landing point it have a tp point to the center of the art work, actually above it.  You need to set  your draw distance to 250. I recommend you to change your windlight to the sim one to enjoy the place as the artist imagined it.

My pic has my own windlight and you can grab it on the side column of this blog.

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Monday, December 26, 2011


MetaLES is a sim dedicated to art, where always 3D interactive installations can be seen.

This time the installation is Rebeca Bashly’s work, called Arctica Dreams.

“Arctica is just a simple story really, it has its order and every piece of it is a clue for the one who is searching it.
Just feel the path...jump into the hole...walk over invisible bridge...when you fall don’t fly up... just  turn around...
Please set to midnight for best effect.
Rebeca Bashly “

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Snow White at Sanctuarium

Sanctuarium is a wonderful sim, with a cozy feeling, few buildings, a pretty bridge, some water places to stay… as the place profile says

“A place to be peaceful, safe, quiet, no judge, no drama. A place for dreaming, for fantasy, for love and friendship”

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Saturday, December 17, 2011


XIV is a whimsical place, like ruins of a dream, part melancholic, part romantic, but beauty is everywhere you look.

Right now winter has come into this magical place… but not totally, there are parts where you will find flowers growing around ruins and pieces of a dream.

There are few rules at this sim, but all of them are just common sense… you can read them all here.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Horizon Dreams

Horizon Dream is a stunning sim with amazing buildings, art gallery, live music and more.
It’s been a while since I discovery this place, but I keeping saving it for a right look, or a special occasion…

But suddenly I realized that everything in SL is temporary and it can be vanished tomorrow, so I decided to blog it today ;-)

Visit Horizon  Dream with time, because this sim goes thru a vintage feel city, to a castle, to ruins, to fairy tale in meters!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brazilian Girls at District 8

Well, sometimes we just want to hang out with our friends, specially when this friends are sl addicts and bloggers.

All girls in this pictures are brazilian IRL, you may know some of them for their blogs, and if you don't you should!

So, the top left is Nuria Niven, top middle is Mariana Barthelmess, top right is Stephy Maldor, bottom left is me, bottom middle is Yume Cluny and the bottom right is Danixinha Babii.

Since sl has been a pain, after many crashes, textures that never rezz, and a monster lag that just a RP sim can have, we managed to take some pictures, and those above are mines. Not all girls will have pictures because it was really really difficult to rezz the textures for all of us before someone crash, but it was fun anyway.

Each girl will post a style card on their blogs, so check it out!

All pictures have District 8 as background, an urban sim in a decadent and violent city. This sim is part of Crack Den  RP, it is an adult land, so be aware of you can see on it on their official page.

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I guess many of you knows Lula for the awesome stores in there, but it is also an wonderful sim to take pictures.

I found this hidden pit, where the winter doesn't arrived yet.... almost all sim is covered by snow, except here.

Take a time to explore Lula, resisting the urge to go to shop.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Zone - Mysterious Wave

Mysterious Wave is a minimalist sim , with sculptures exhibition on a musical and outstanding atmosphere that inspires creativity.

In a desolated feeling  many birds fly around dead trees or over the water. There is humanoid sculptures around the sim, that makes me thing in a kind of exodus.

This sim allow rezz and run scripts, so it is perfect to take pics.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Satis Island

Satis Island is a lovely winter themed sim, with snow bears, deers, penguins ..skating rings and snow everywhere.

As usual I build up a look and run trough the SL search to find a nice place to take my pictures and fortunately the searched worked pretty well :D

The hat and the dress are prizes from "With love hunt 2" that will start December 9th.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Anarchy sim has a stunning castle. At the landing point you will see a fountain and some old, but glamorous cars.

As soon you enter in the palace you will be surrounded by luxury. all decoration and furniture is breath taking.

I was looking for a pool table to take a sexy picture with corsets for Vintage fair, but all I saw where at adult rp lands.. and err not safe to be in lingerie there  lol.

Unfortunately this sim does not allow rezz or run scripts, what made my mission so difficult...

So I found this o place on koinup.. I love to take a look there to discover new places for my pictures.

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Friday, November 25, 2011


Locus sim is devoted to the exploration of new building and art forms unique to the virtual world. It is also the studio of DB Bailey (David Denton architect in RL).

Right now it remembers me a city of fire, because the colors in the installation are all between orange and red.

There is several building made with frames, but if you look closer you will see some interesting images.

I can deny, I saw pictures of this sim on koinup and I thought it would be perfect to take pictures with my brand new Angel dress by Ladies Who Lunch.

I loved the idea of my angel in a city of doomed fire … I hope it make any sense for you all.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Venexia is a brand new sim that opened for public in the beginning of this month.
I have no words to describe the beauty in this sim, the detail on the textures, the caring on scale properly the passages, doors, windows.. .it is breath taking.

Here you will find at landpoint some rules of RP, the combat meter and a 3 days observer tag. Is mandatory wear one of this two options to tp to the ground.

I usually avoid be OOC (out of character) in RP sims, because it make hard for players go on with their rp if you look like an statue in the middle of street taking pictures. But here you do have and observe tag and people will know you aren’t part of RP.

Venexia is a Gothic sim, but not obscure, gothic in the sense of architecture, ultra romantic vibe. The RP mix Assassin Creed and Vampire the masquerade (sort of).
Be aware that this is an Adult sim, as almost combat/sex sims are!

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LOL - Arte dinamica

LOL is am interactive Art Installation, where you can change its colors, make objects appear, move, change size. It reacts according to the values you will enter through the form on this website.

This sim allow you to rezz stuff and run scripts, so I used this opportunity to create a projector.. I liked the result of mixing colors of my windlights and the light of the projector.

The amazing Graphic Dix made a tutorial about projectors, with pics.. its really easy to do it.

So enjoy your stay, but don't forget that LOL is an ART sim, not a public sandbox!!!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Koreshan city

Koreshan City is a beautiful land that remembers me art deco.. but seems to be an underwater place (there is a shark circulating over the buildings -.-)

Its a very interesting building, with steel and glass all over, the neon lights are all over the place.

Set on the local lights to see all beauty on this place.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sea Salts and vintage Fair

Sea Salts is a wonderful place, with a cozy café and beautiful path that leads to a trailer over a hill... a perfect place to calm down and chill.

As soon I saw it I thought it would be perfect to two shots with my cool vintage clothes :D

I know.. vintage fair is making me dig for retro and vintage places, and until the fair is over you can wait more vintage places hehehe

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Route 666

Route 666 is a highway in the desert, surrounded by mountains, the wind carry the sand over you.

There is a pity where you can rest... a Dinner with 50's feel, a strip club and a gas station.

You can rezz your stuff here, so enjoy the oportunity to take a ride ina bike or a poisoned car.

I remembered of this place as soon I wear some stuff I grabbed at vintage fair, my Bardot skin and my Dress with leather fringe.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Vintage Fair and Seraph City

Hey peeps! You know, I like to blog about places and stuff.. but an incredible opportunity was offered to me, be an official Vintage Fair Blogger.

I love vintage, classy old and sexy clothes. For a long time I waited for an event like that, and Chic Management bring it to us!

Ill be posting about fabulous vintage stuff (1920 -1980) for you for a while. I hope you guys don't mind *.*

Vintage Fair will open November 8th at 4pm slt.

This single pic was taken at Seraph City, an amazing steam punk/art deco sim. I promise post more pics after the fair.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Luck is calm place, were you can take a walk around the lake, or enjoy your day in the shadow of the trees.

You can find here some cozy pits, like a Gazebo and a trailer.

I decided to participate of Gogo's Newbie Style Challenge II, what I think its really great!

You need to put together a look for a newbie with 550L or less, so I decided to do it and I'm pretty happy with my look and the budget, I spend just 70L lindens!!!

If RL allow me... I will create other looks until reach 550L \o/

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Well, in general I find a great sim and start to think in a look that matches the place, but this time was the opposite.

I decided to create a satyr look, because I grabbed some goodies at 4.44.444 events that made me think in autumn, fauns and tadaaaaa here I am.

I started to look at koinup for faun/satyr places, but none was the kind of place I had in mind. Then I started to look for autumn places. I have no idea why, but autumn remembers me faun :D

And with a touch of magic (and the search ) I found Oubliette sim.

As soon I saw it in search I felt really stupid, because I know this sim, is the home of Evie's Closet, my favorite fantasy store.

Well, anyway... Autumn Surrounds Us With Her Mystery at Oubliette ( is in the name of sim hehehe )

As soon you arrive you should touch the sign, it gives you two notecards, one with a background of this wonderful place and other with interesting places to see.

There is great spots to dance with your couple, some flower/grass fields, a few caves, some water spots.. well is a quite impressive place to see and take pics.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wunderbar Haunted Mansion -- a strange museum at Tresco

Wunderbar Haunted Mansion -- a strange museum is a seasonal interactive haunted mansion, that is open now!!!

As you arrive a hud will be offered to you, grab it and wear it.

Spooky things will happen and to see all secrets in the mansion you need to find out secret passages or answer the spirits in the place.

I need to confess that I cheated, I'm a SLer, so some things I'm not able to answer for my lack of English knowledge.

Anyway, this place creeps me out!!!

I hope you like this place as I did.

Well, about my dead bride.... its a Yumi Chiuh's creation for [M2M] , skin, eyes, dress... really scary thing.

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Beach Walk Café

Beach Walk Café is a relaxing and calm beach, where you can sit down and watch the waves hit the white sand under your feet.

This tropical piece of paradise waits for you, so put your bath suit and enjoy!

Well, I made some new windlights, and here is the updated ones to download, I hope you like them!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Heaven Seven

Heaven Seven is a homestead sim, but the "office" is a wonderful parcel, where you can see some art going on. when I arrived in this place I thought I were at some kind of cow parade. There is many cows holding balloons, some of them flying.

You also can find some Tsuru origami sculpture, glowing frame flowers, a stairway that leads you to virgin Mary.

Is really pretty, colorful and surreal.

Go there and check it by yourself!

Now, I'm really proud to say that Jack Spoon is officially open! The creator and owner of this brand new store is Steffy Ghost, that some of you might to know as a wonderful blogger for Praketusaibas and Chic Style Guide.

My cute Panda dress is a opening hunt gift. Find three spoons , each one has a piece of this dress.

And for last, but not least... I decided to blog some Bubblegum Weekend stuff ;-)

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lemondrop's Forest

Built inside and around a 300 meter tree, Lemondrop's Forest is a magical fairy forest under a warm blanket of night.

Its also a child av friendly, so come here with your family and take a ride on the buggy tour, pay attention on the chat, it will tell you interest things about the place.

One more thing! It allow rezz stuff and runs scripts, making the family pictures easier to do here ;-)

My cute outfit is a prize of The Unknown Hunt One, this hunt is a little different of past one, because it is celebrating one whole year with this awesome hunt that shows new stores to all of us, giving a chance for new creators show up.

This hunt will have stores that participated in all hunts, so check out and have fun.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Bluebird has a beautiful Church, so well made that I couldn't resist to take pictures here.

This is a skybox, I'm not used to blog about little places, but this one worth a visit, even not being a whole sim.

I blogged about Choice 2001 before, but now the stamps are available, so hurry up!

My hair, hair band and collar give me stamp cards, but I need to run all stores and get my stamps hehehe.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

World End's Garden

Well, this probably will be my longest post, with more pictures then usual, because this sim is my favorite in the whole SL, World End's Garden, at Dernier Lamento.

I found out about this place a while ago (some years ago) and since them I keeping coming back, because every season this place is rebuild-ed, and every time they get more and more beautiful.

This time the flowers grows wild between the ruins, but the beauty still there!

There are some romantic pits to cuddle, a carousel, a church and the cemetery.

The church and the cemetery have teleports ( sit on the light!!!) that leads to other scenes, The Blanc and the Noir.

Come and check by yourself all hidden treasures in World End's Garden.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Cadenza means Rhythm, and is the name of this stunning sim. This place is beautifully made, remembering sound waves going trough the air.

If you follow the waves you will find out it came from a piano, in the middle of a charmed garden.

Everything in this sim screams music.  So let the music guide you and enjoy your stay here.

Take pictures and machinimas are allowed and supported by th sim owner, so you can run your scripts and rezz your stuff here.

Now, things that are not about the sim!!!

My hair is one of Tram's new release  and it will be part of Choice 2011!  It will start at September 24th.

"You can get a Choice! stamp card when you buy a Choice! identified item. The card will be included with what you buy.
-Attach the card (either to any position of your body or to your HUD is okay), and visit all Choice! stores.
In no particular order, but you do need to visit all stores to complete your stamp collecting quest.
-Touch a Choice! stamping machine to stamp at the store. It's free, no charge.
-You can exchange your full stamped Choice! stamp card (it must have 20 stores' stamps on it) to one of your favourite prizes available at the Choice! Event Hall.
No matter where you get a card. You can choose any prize you want.
As a stamp card is transferable, you can give it your friend to enjoy this event together. You can even give him/her your completed card as an easy and great gift."  

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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Aught is a place where the civilization ended and the nature is taking her place back. The vegetation grows wild, tuning all gray of concrete in  a vivid and live green.

In the land description we can read  "People should accept the invasion of green. Because it is a correct recovery. "

To do a RP in this sim, just contact the owner Miki Morigi. There is more details about it on the sim

Ah! I almost forgot, you can rezz your stuff here. This place has a sister  sim, a beautiful garden, but this will be another post ...

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