Saturday, June 30, 2012


This is not a normal post, not about the places, or fashion, but about something that is really near to my heart, a fight against all prejudice. 

Stand4Love is a campaign that push us all to show our love, our message about every single kind of love and tolerance.

If you really stand for love, take a picture, do a statement and help to spread the tolerance around the world.

The hot blond in this picture is my friend Steffy Ghost that helped me in this thing.

I made this special pose, just for this. If you want it, just grab it at Market Place.

I forgot to take note of Steffy's style card, but as soon I see her on line I will update this post.

Style Card

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crimarizon 2 and Last day of Chic 2

Crimarizon 2 is a whimsical place, were you can find trees with faces, giant mushrooms, exotic flowers and more.

Right now there is a picture contest at flickr, check out, came to the sim and show us your gorgeous pictures in this awesome place. 

Changing the subject here... Chic2 ends tomorrow, so hurry up and grab all the goodies while you can!

Style Card

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reflections of Beauty

Reflections of Beauty is a bucolic sim, with hills and stone paths that leads to houses, bridges and lakes.

You can find some poseballs spread all over the sim, and a place with couples dances. 

This is a simple but beautiful place to visit.

My poses in this pictures are part of Mysecondbox samples.

MySecondbox is a monthly subscription group with free gifts from designers across the grid. Similar to the real life monthly sample boxes you get.

Subscription fee: 300L per month.

From 1st of month till 25th of month group is open for subscribing.
15th is when gifts are sent.
26th of month everyone will be kicked and a new month will start on the 1st.

This month I already received samples by Adore&Abhor, Bother, Elymode, Glitterati and La Petit Morte

Style Card

Happy Mood

Happy Mood is a forest sim with a fairytale kind of look.

Beautiful spots to explore. This sim is a mainstore of HPMD, so many things you see here are on sale.

Originally I thought in do a Goddess picture, but I didnt found the proper dress.. so I ended liek this... I hope you like it, because the first picture will be my first entry to the Hair Fair contest, mode details about here.

Style Card

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Solelua Beach

Solelua Beach is an incredible hangout place, you can sit around the fire, be in some nice romantic poseballs with your loved one or just surf with friends.

The place is beautiful, with some cozy pits to sit , hear the waves and relax.

Style Card

Ooot Ooot

Ooot Ooot is a sim full of stores, but with awesome buildings, so pretty that I coulnd't resist to take some pictures there. 

Almost all my look is made by Chic2 items, so take a time to check it out.

Style Card


Kojin is a place with some great vampiric/dark spots perfect to take some spooky pictures.

Exactly what I needed to show you guys in a hurry this awesome items from Fifty Linden Friday (FLF) that just returned with amazing stores, but hurry up, few hours left to grab all the goodies.

Style Card

Friday, June 8, 2012

Uwst and Chic2

Uwst is a sim with antique buildings, old industries full of chimneys at the roofs. The sea surrounds this place, some canals cross the streets... slime covers everything, all trees here are dead giving a feel of decay to everything my eyes can see.

This place has a kind of scary beauty, just like my version of a black widow.

This looks has many items from Chic2, Fameshed and Mesh Around Hunt.

Style Card

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Al Vulo and some Devious Mind.

Hi guys, I choose this sim, DeviousMind for two reasons, first, I were looking for a classy place to match with my awesome dress and for the name, because I have a rant to do about someone with a devious mind, skip the next part until credits if you don't want to read this rant about copy-boot things.

This skins that I'm wearing is made by Hlin Bluebird, owner of Al Vulo. This pretty face was released at Chic2 event, and few hours after the event this really nice skin was already copy-booted.

There is a kind of forum out there that shares copy-booted things, and this skin, in all tones were already there.

I can't understand this kind of thing, seriously! Would you stole a bank? A grocery? Why would you stole somebody else's work?

Hlin is one of the most generous creator, she gives away one skin per month! But even with all her generosity some hideous person just stole her work.

For everybody else, that isn't a thief, this gorgeous skin is available at Chic2 sim, and you should buy it!

End of Rant.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Fallen, the city of Charm

The Fallen is sim with urban, but magic RP. At the landing point you will see a board with an observer tag, grab it!

If the sim amuses you and you start to think about join the RP, take a look on their page.

This sim is so well build, with so many hidden corners and somehow crowded! It is so rare see a rp sim crowded!

But I was hidden in my observer tab, so not rp for me this time ;-)

My looks was a kind vintage hot gangsta chica (yeah right!), so I kind liked the sim and a dark windlight...

 Chic Management is celebrating their second anniversary with an amazing event called Chic2, with many stores that supported and joined Chic in their amazing previous events.

Almost all items I'm wearing are from 3 distinct events, Skin Show Case, Mesh Around and Chic2.

Style Card

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fields Avenue

Fields avenue is the home of L.A. walk of fame. A really impressive sim with mesh everywhere!

Seems this sim still a work in progress, but right now it already looks great.

Talking about mesh... Mesh Around already started, you can check some prizes and all LM and hints here.

Almost all items I'm wearing are from this hunt.

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