Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Well, in general I find a great sim and start to think in a look that matches the place, but this time was the opposite.

I decided to create a satyr look, because I grabbed some goodies at 4.44.444 events that made me think in autumn, fauns and tadaaaaa here I am.

I started to look at koinup for faun/satyr places, but none was the kind of place I had in mind. Then I started to look for autumn places. I have no idea why, but autumn remembers me faun :D

And with a touch of magic (and the search ) I found Oubliette sim.

As soon I saw it in search I felt really stupid, because I know this sim, is the home of Evie's Closet, my favorite fantasy store.

Well, anyway... Autumn Surrounds Us With Her Mystery at Oubliette ( is in the name of sim hehehe )

As soon you arrive you should touch the sign, it gives you two notecards, one with a background of this wonderful place and other with interesting places to see.

There is great spots to dance with your couple, some flower/grass fields, a few caves, some water spots.. well is a quite impressive place to see and take pics.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wunderbar Haunted Mansion -- a strange museum at Tresco

Wunderbar Haunted Mansion -- a strange museum is a seasonal interactive haunted mansion, that is open now!!!

As you arrive a hud will be offered to you, grab it and wear it.

Spooky things will happen and to see all secrets in the mansion you need to find out secret passages or answer the spirits in the place.

I need to confess that I cheated, I'm a SLer, so some things I'm not able to answer for my lack of English knowledge.

Anyway, this place creeps me out!!!

I hope you like this place as I did.

Well, about my dead bride.... its a Yumi Chiuh's creation for [M2M] , skin, eyes, dress... really scary thing.

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Beach Walk Café

Beach Walk Café is a relaxing and calm beach, where you can sit down and watch the waves hit the white sand under your feet.

This tropical piece of paradise waits for you, so put your bath suit and enjoy!

Well, I made some new windlights, and here is the updated ones to download, I hope you like them!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Heaven Seven

Heaven Seven is a homestead sim, but the "office" is a wonderful parcel, where you can see some art going on. when I arrived in this place I thought I were at some kind of cow parade. There is many cows holding balloons, some of them flying.

You also can find some Tsuru origami sculpture, glowing frame flowers, a stairway that leads you to virgin Mary.

Is really pretty, colorful and surreal.

Go there and check it by yourself!

Now, I'm really proud to say that Jack Spoon is officially open! The creator and owner of this brand new store is Steffy Ghost, that some of you might to know as a wonderful blogger for Praketusaibas and Chic Style Guide.

My cute Panda dress is a opening hunt gift. Find three spoons , each one has a piece of this dress.

And for last, but not least... I decided to blog some Bubblegum Weekend stuff ;-)

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lemondrop's Forest

Built inside and around a 300 meter tree, Lemondrop's Forest is a magical fairy forest under a warm blanket of night.

Its also a child av friendly, so come here with your family and take a ride on the buggy tour, pay attention on the chat, it will tell you interest things about the place.

One more thing! It allow rezz stuff and runs scripts, making the family pictures easier to do here ;-)

My cute outfit is a prize of The Unknown Hunt One, this hunt is a little different of past one, because it is celebrating one whole year with this awesome hunt that shows new stores to all of us, giving a chance for new creators show up.

This hunt will have stores that participated in all hunts, so check out and have fun.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Bluebird has a beautiful Church, so well made that I couldn't resist to take pictures here.

This is a skybox, I'm not used to blog about little places, but this one worth a visit, even not being a whole sim.

I blogged about Choice 2001 before, but now the stamps are available, so hurry up!

My hair, hair band and collar give me stamp cards, but I need to run all stores and get my stamps hehehe.

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