Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cupcake and Vintage Fair

Cupcake sim has an lovely old Parisian theme, with great buildings, fountains, benches and of course great stores to make you shop until drop.

I made a warmth and sunny windlight for this pictures, and I'm still using Niran's tone mapping. 

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunshine Mist and last week of Vintage Fair

Sunshine Mist is a friendly residential sim, but it is also home for Pixel Beam Café. It is a great hangout, with great events, DJs and friendly people.

Plus, it is gorgeous! Came with your friends or your loved one, because this place allow rezz, so enjoy and take your pictures too!

Vintage Fair will close August 29th, so hurry up to grab all this goodies!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vintage ... I love it

I am a Vintage lover, and this is the main reason I'm here, to tease you all with Vintage Fair goodies.

As soon as I put my little pixel hands on this bodysuit I imagined an pinup, and this is what was my intention while doing this pics.

I'm styling some new brands for me, Chemistry and Lace. The first one is quite small (yet) and has two mesh hairs, one is this vintage fabulous one.

Lace is one of stores at VF, they have really detailed jewelry, it has a color change hud that customize every single piece of the set, like the color of the beads, the body, eyes, tail and ribbon of the kitties. I'm really impressed.

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Hippie Chic at Dura Dura

Dura Dura is a sim under construction, but it is already stunning.

It is also a home of some great stores like Roly-Poli, Memoir and Dura. Except for Memoir, all stores are in the sky, but the ground is the place where I took the pictures.

I decided to do a boho/hippie chic girl to explore this place..

Almost everything I'm wearing are Vintage Fair exclusive items.

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Devious Pinup

Vintage Fair is my favorite event in SL, I spead my posts between this blog and Chic-Style Guide and Chic Management. Since Chic Style Guide will be off really soon, I will reblog my posts here, so you can check it out anytime!

I decided to make this rock and roll pin-up as  soon as I set my eyes on this amazing dress by Devious Mind.  This dress is mesh and came in standard sizes, but it is a way more curvier then most mesh clothes I see around lately.  And curves are prerogative for pin-ups!

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Common Grounds at Club Road south

Common Grounds is an awesome Café on the Club Road South Sim (part of the really nice sim chain part of The Groove).

This si a cozy and beautiful place to take pics, it has some great furniture with poses and allow rezz, so bring your friends and family to enjoy the lake view. 

Im wearing some cool items from vintage fair. Some people might say I'm not wearing a single vintage item, but I need to remember you all that 80's is already vintage *winks*.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Silver Rose and Vintage Fair

Silver Rose is a sim where you can find Tony Tas Town, an old city with French look, a theater with burlesque dancers. 

The theme is  1920 buildings, with a church, some homes and stores.

I really loved this sim to take some pictures with more Vintage Fair goodies!

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