Saturday, September 12, 2015


Ironwood Hills is a sim that have some urban  spook feel, with some ghosts, abandoned buildings, rain and much more to explore.

This sim is owned by josman2088 Resident ( Cyrus Knight ) and Zeke Jestyr. This two simply created one of most perfect post apocalyptic sims on SL (in my opinion). It was made for photographers by two amazing photographers.

The sim allow rezz, run scripts, it has it own windlights, but I used my own for this pictures.

I was looking for a urban sim to take pictures of this awesome outfit made by ValentinaEvangelista Resident , owner and creator of Valentine E Couture. This amazing outfit is only one piece and will be free only for tomorrow at the opening of Altitude sim. It came in standard sizes and fitted mesh, you can't lose it.

Style Card