Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New York City and Vintage Fair Preview

New York sim is not just an Urban place, it is a mix of residential and commercial place, that have a small sample of  the RL city with same name. It has Soho's houses, Apartments, stylish shops like on 5th avenue. They even have a website, check it out for more info about this sim lifestyle.

It is a really nice place to take shots, since it allow rezz objects and run scripts.

Choose a dark Windlights, because the local lights are really amazing.

I keep testing the Tone Mapping and SSAO tools from Niran's viewer. I used some blur and liquidify on this pictures, but I didn't edited the color filters at all.If you doubt an raw shot can be like this, check out my sl feeds, were direct pictures from sl are posted.

When you activate the tone mapping, all windlights  get messed up, so I might create an separate download for windlights with the default numbers of tone mapping, exposure and more.

I mess with them too, editing it like I would do in PS.

Now, lets talk about my favorite event in the whole SL, the Vintage Fair. The 3 sims will be open to public on august 4th. So, until there you can have more info at Chic Management or see some previews at Chic Style Guide, were  I'm proudly an official Vintage Fair Blogger, you can see  other VF preview made  by me here.  

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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Gibson the home of Nexus Prime - Cyberpunk City of the Future. It looks like a futuristic church on the ground level, but if you fly for the shafts, or cam around, you will find this really charming bar/restaurant that remembers me some vintage art deco, but full of red neon lights.

My tests with tone mapping on Nirans viewer continue! I almost didn't edit it on PS, so this contrast, exposure and saturation are exactly the same as the raw shot.

Cool right?

I may say that it made my brand new skin from Glam Affair  look really great, but it messed up with the streaks of my Alice Project hair.

By the way, this hair is available at Hair fair, that ends tomorrow, so hurry up!

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pixel dreams and One Voice

Pixel dream is a lovely creation by the Owner of Pixel Mode. At the land point you need to choose the store or T-Town, the name of this installation at ground level.

It is a nice country farm.. .sort of.

It is pretty, well built and textured.

Im testing some features on nirans viewer, like gamma correction and tone mapping and SSAO Option, I think it turned my pics a little weird, with some blue spots, and made shadows blue... weird, but here is the result, I would love comment on this subject.

Well, there are a couple hours before one voice ends. Go there ! Hurry! And thanks a lot for all of you that supported Gala and all creators standing with then against hypocrite thief s.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

The New Yorker and One Voice

The New Yorker is a sim dedicated obviously to NY, there is an stunning park and an art gallery, called Gallery of Pain.

There is some disturbing and beauty walking hand in hand here.

The other part of this post... is about One Voice, a fund raiser to help Gala Phoenix to defense herself in jury against Hush owner. 

If you have no ideia what Im talking about, check this site.

This is not a fund raiser for a person, but against injustice. A person create in SL, make success and suddenly a thief file a DMCA against you, all your items are removed from sl, what is your bread bringer job... and in a country that isn't yours.

How many creators could be attacked like this for scrupulous person?

So this is not an event to help one creator, but an event to show the strength of the SL community against theft.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love is Blind

Fluid is an event focused in props and poses, with rotation each two weeks. This round the overall theme is "That's Risque".  It's broken down into 3 sub-categories: Burlesque, S&M, and Voyeurism & Exhibitionism.

I usually don't do studio pics, but is kinda nice work with it times to times.

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Monday, July 2, 2012


Boroka is a dark rp sim, full of creatures of the night. A decay village is surrounded by a dark forest and a swamp.

Is amazing how the textures are well made, you need to use a dark windlight to enjoy all this wicked beauty.

My evil witch look is made for many items from Fairy Tale event, organized by Glam Affair team. If you didn't went to fairy tale.. you should!

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