Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pals Meadow2

PalsMeadow2 is a park sim, fulfilled with even more adorable japanese stores.

One of them is the adorable bakery called Poche Doughnut. At this store there is many delicious freebies like a donuts set, tea service and more.

A cute place for my last kawaii fair full post, I probably will blog some more if I have time, but the fair ends 28th, and my RL allows me just post at weekends. *sadface*

Anyway, go there and get cute, come eat a donut with your friends and take a walk at Pals Meadow2 park.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Jewels and Kawaii Fair

Jewels Islands is a lovelly residential sim with a beach look.

I found myself hearing the sound of sea and staring the pretty waves from the boardwalk.

You can also take a look at the aquarium or hang out at the club.

This place have a sandbox, but  you can rezz your stuff in the whole sim, so it is perfect for those romantic pictures.

This kind of place was exactly what I were looking for to blog this outfit, it can be the hat, or the summer colors, anyway…almost everything I’m wearing is from Kawaii Fair.

It started last Saturday and will last until April 28th. I guess you will see more kawaii stuff until this fair ends.

The fair is HUGE! And I found so many cute things to blog that I’m afraid of not be able to post everything in time.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012


SSOC is a Japanese combat sim. Unfortunately the description is in Japanese and I don’t understand a single word about it.

You arrive at a hub, wait it to rezz and get a teleport touching the SSOC board.

On the ground level you will be amazed with a urban sim, where you can run scripts and rezz objects, as almost all Combat/RP sims.

I guess this sim still under construction, but seems like it will be other kind of “district”, like an army thing.

I saw some people driving wart tanks... So yes, it looks like a war combat sim.

Other thing that I had noticed were some outdoors of well know Japanese brands (I guess so), like Coco, R2, grasp and others, there is a mall building, but none vendor yet.

Come visit and if you understand japanese let me know what this rp is about!!!

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vanima Shee and Vanima Nore

Vanima Shee and Vanima Nore are sister sims with a cartoonish look, where magical creatures are really welcome, and can buy all sorts of clothes and furniture for their magical life.

The bright colors of the flowers and mushrooms make my day happier.

Talking about colors… I love this new hair of Ploom that have several combinations of colors, I love pastel colors so I choose this one to show you.

This colors are perfect to match this round of Motif, the theme of this month is Ice Cream.
This month’s creator combinations are:

Aemeth & Jack Spoon
Adore & Abhor, Savoir Faire Shapes & Dilly Dolls
Mudhoney & FunkyJunk
LeBloom & Alice Project

The items and the prices are amazing!!!

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