Sunday, April 24, 2011


The new Cupcackes sim is gorgeous, with new uber cute stores on it, including Sanu, where all those pics were taked :D

The backyard of Sanu is absolutelly adorable, fullfilled with cupcakes, pudins, chocolates, cute animals, tale houses... just too cute to be true.

I really recoments you embrace your innerchild or your Loli side and use a bright and colourfull windilight ( I'm using Bree's Appleblowsom in all pics, just tweeking the sun/moon position and east angle)

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Embryo at Spring ♥

Embryo is one of most stunning sims in the grid. This place is rebuilded quite often, so it worth many visits in different times.

Right now the sim has an spring feeling, with flowers, butterflyes and birds everywere.

Inside the buildings tehre is some hidden little stores with clothes, headpieces and some itens that are part of the sim right now and some that were part of it a while ago.

Unfortunatelly we can't rezz stuff on it, but scripts are allowed, so wear your pose huds and go take pics in this beautiful sim.

Don't forget to set your graphics on ultra to see the subtle glow on the flowers, because it makes it really unique.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shadowrun at Galactic Aeon

Galactic Aeon is a futuristic sim, really well builded, with amazing textures, lights and efects.

According with the notecard of sim's rules, this sim is a place to a meterless role play environment based on the Shadowrun 3rd edition setting of the year 2063. A sci-fi/fantasy setting set in a dystopian near future where technology exists side by side with magic. Anyone new to the sim can feel free to grab an OOC tag and go down to explore the sim and quietly watch role play going on. Once you feel ready to start RP you’ll need to get a character approved by filling out a character sheet.

Galactic Aeon is a mature rated sim, so you need to have age verification and set your preferences to show mature contents to reach is amazing sim.

Once you land in the sim, grab your OOC tag, wear it , click on the teleport, this pic was made in downtown.

I personally love romantic places, fullfiled with flowers , antique buildings and such, but my lovelly husband LOVES trecnology, so when he is in the mood to take pics with me, futuristic places is what I dig for.

The place is incredible and let you rezz sutff, run scripts and have fun.

Play with colorfull windlights, because the place is kinda dark and the colours are those on the neon lights.

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Kowloon is a really interesting place, is a oriental urban place, fullfilled with misteries, ghosts to hunt, challenges... but most of things aren't in english.

I was really lucky to find Jimmyong, she speaks english and was my guide in that wonderfull sim.

First of all, you can hunt ghosts there! The hud is free, so are the weapons, and the hud has an english version.

But just don't ask me where to grab it! Jimmy guided me thru the alleys and buildings.. so you might need to explore the buildings to get that hud too.

Despite the games , pluzzles and hunts, Kowloon has many nice places to see and take pictures!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog challenge - What’s your digits?

Yesterday I decided join in Strawberry Singh challenge called "What's your digits?"

It started with a plurk where she asked if her hands weren't too big in a picture, people started discuss about proportions and such. So she made a post and asked other to do the same with their own proportions.

No, nobody is giving all numbers of the shape.. jsut few that give us an ideia of proportions.

I find it fun and here are my numbers *winks*

There is a flickr group for people that want to share their own digits, feel free to join :D it's fun fun fun (ok, enought Rebeca Black for today, because its not friday, friday yet )

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Nomos is a futuristic RP sim. If you wish to visit the SIM, you will need a SGS tag or. Explorer Tag available in the Game Room. Follow signs. Then use the shuttle/Teleport to be taken to Nomos.

The place is amazing, the colours , neons, awsome to take pics and it worth a visit!

I'm using the Windlight made by Strawberry Singh, saphire, avaiable in her blog to download. (I edited the sun and moon position and east angle).


Monday, April 11, 2011

AM Radio's sim is closing

AM Radio's sim will close in 6 months. This is sad, because the intalations are amazing, in the same sim many different art works going on.

I have no words to describe the place and how I feel about this.

So guys, you have 6 months to go visit it, take your pictures, spread this sad notice and make people know about it.

Here the instalations where the pics were taken, for all others, check AM Radio's profile.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Innsmouth once was a beautiful, calm and friendly city, were foreigners used to be welcome.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kittycat Hangout

Well, I decided to assume my new addiction, the adorable Kittycats, and create a space for other adicted like me hangout, show of her cat lady side and such.

So I did a small place really cozy and beautiful were you can go, rezz your stuff, wear your huds and take pics!

My place is open, but have auto return setted to 15 minutes.

I hope you all like my Kittycat Hangout as I do.

Place Stylecard (hahah how could I call it?)