Sunday, November 18, 2012

Around the World , land Galway!

Around the world is an event organized by The Ego Co. and brings to us many great themed items, I mixed and matched some different regions and I guess I ended with an aborigine look here, but I like it!

I have no idea how I found this adorable sim called Galway. There is nothing on the sim's description  what makes me imagine this is a domestic sim that still is open to public, allow rezz and run scripts, but I'm not sure how long it will last.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Is not Halloween anymore....

I had a really hard time IRL near the Halloween and I couldn't post this pictures in time. 

This collage (badly made because I have no skills) show all pictures I did, but I cannot post all of them, is too much, but you can see them full size on my flickr.

The scary male monster on pictures is my friend BobGary. He doesn't have a blog, but you can see his works at his Flickr or SL webprofile.

By the way, do you ever used your webprofile? Is a great tool to share things like pictures, places, meet different views of sl.

You don't need to friend someone to see their sl webprofile, you can just follow it. If you want to see my raw pictures, you can follow me too. I have more pictures on my webprofile then on this blog.

Anyway, the main piece of this pictures is the mouth by Contraption. This is an awesome store with wicked, quirky and amazing items. There are more "normal" stuff there, kind of steam punk, but everything is well made, you should give it a try.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kittens Heaven - Autumn Season

Once again I will do a shameless plug to my sim, Kittens Heaven, because I really think it is adorable to see and I want you all to come enjoy my dream.

Right now the sim has an Autumn decoration, but soon I really intent to change it to winter, because I love sims that change with the seasons.

I created a special windlight and water settings just for this sim, so I hope you acepted change the preferences to sim while you here.

Try to search the romantic spots all over the sim, like the boat ride . 

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Café Green Gables

Café Green Gables is a really cozy Japanese place. The decoration makes me want stay for long time just looking around and relax a bit.

I wear a really cozy outfit and feel like home here.

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