Friday, November 25, 2011


Locus sim is devoted to the exploration of new building and art forms unique to the virtual world. It is also the studio of DB Bailey (David Denton architect in RL).

Right now it remembers me a city of fire, because the colors in the installation are all between orange and red.

There is several building made with frames, but if you look closer you will see some interesting images.

I can deny, I saw pictures of this sim on koinup and I thought it would be perfect to take pictures with my brand new Angel dress by Ladies Who Lunch.

I loved the idea of my angel in a city of doomed fire … I hope it make any sense for you all.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Venexia is a brand new sim that opened for public in the beginning of this month.
I have no words to describe the beauty in this sim, the detail on the textures, the caring on scale properly the passages, doors, windows.. .it is breath taking.

Here you will find at landpoint some rules of RP, the combat meter and a 3 days observer tag. Is mandatory wear one of this two options to tp to the ground.

I usually avoid be OOC (out of character) in RP sims, because it make hard for players go on with their rp if you look like an statue in the middle of street taking pictures. But here you do have and observe tag and people will know you aren’t part of RP.

Venexia is a Gothic sim, but not obscure, gothic in the sense of architecture, ultra romantic vibe. The RP mix Assassin Creed and Vampire the masquerade (sort of).
Be aware that this is an Adult sim, as almost combat/sex sims are!

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LOL - Arte dinamica

LOL is am interactive Art Installation, where you can change its colors, make objects appear, move, change size. It reacts according to the values you will enter through the form on this website.

This sim allow you to rezz stuff and run scripts, so I used this opportunity to create a projector.. I liked the result of mixing colors of my windlights and the light of the projector.

The amazing Graphic Dix made a tutorial about projectors, with pics.. its really easy to do it.

So enjoy your stay, but don't forget that LOL is an ART sim, not a public sandbox!!!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Koreshan city

Koreshan City is a beautiful land that remembers me art deco.. but seems to be an underwater place (there is a shark circulating over the buildings -.-)

Its a very interesting building, with steel and glass all over, the neon lights are all over the place.

Set on the local lights to see all beauty on this place.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sea Salts and vintage Fair

Sea Salts is a wonderful place, with a cozy café and beautiful path that leads to a trailer over a hill... a perfect place to calm down and chill.

As soon I saw it I thought it would be perfect to two shots with my cool vintage clothes :D

I know.. vintage fair is making me dig for retro and vintage places, and until the fair is over you can wait more vintage places hehehe

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Route 666

Route 666 is a highway in the desert, surrounded by mountains, the wind carry the sand over you.

There is a pity where you can rest... a Dinner with 50's feel, a strip club and a gas station.

You can rezz your stuff here, so enjoy the oportunity to take a ride ina bike or a poisoned car.

I remembered of this place as soon I wear some stuff I grabbed at vintage fair, my Bardot skin and my Dress with leather fringe.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Vintage Fair and Seraph City

Hey peeps! You know, I like to blog about places and stuff.. but an incredible opportunity was offered to me, be an official Vintage Fair Blogger.

I love vintage, classy old and sexy clothes. For a long time I waited for an event like that, and Chic Management bring it to us!

Ill be posting about fabulous vintage stuff (1920 -1980) for you for a while. I hope you guys don't mind *.*

Vintage Fair will open November 8th at 4pm slt.

This single pic was taken at Seraph City, an amazing steam punk/art deco sim. I promise post more pics after the fair.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Luck is calm place, were you can take a walk around the lake, or enjoy your day in the shadow of the trees.

You can find here some cozy pits, like a Gazebo and a trailer.

I decided to participate of Gogo's Newbie Style Challenge II, what I think its really great!

You need to put together a look for a newbie with 550L or less, so I decided to do it and I'm pretty happy with my look and the budget, I spend just 70L lindens!!!

If RL allow me... I will create other looks until reach 550L \o/

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