Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kittycat Hangout

Well, I decided to assume my new addiction, the adorable Kittycats, and create a space for other adicted like me hangout, show of her cat lady side and such.

So I did a small place really cozy and beautiful were you can go, rezz your stuff, wear your huds and take pics!

My place is open, but have auto return setted to 15 minutes.

I hope you all like my Kittycat Hangout as I do.

Place Stylecard (hahah how could I call it?)

Hangout Build: The sea Hole Serene garden hangout building & accessories , just 50L at marketplace

Pergola with poses: SCULPTED PERGOLA WHITE WOOD with Real SUMMER GREEN IVY 3 PRIMS + Shadow 4 ANIMATIONS for COUPLE INTEGRATED , just 45 L at marketplace

All grass, flowers and coverage by Kidd

The lovelly furniture is hunt prize at LISP sim, to celebrate the new location (with I may blog soon , because its just adorable!!!)

3 comentários:

Selena Paine said...

lindu *--*

Unknown said...

Obrigada :D

Seja bem vinda ee divulgue! Quero que seja bem utilizado :D

Aline Verrazzano said...

OMG ! Os gatos estão vivendo melhor do que eu que moro em uma plataforma cheia de caixas ao redor !!! xD | Ah, mas eu deletei algumas desde a última vez que vc esteve lá !!! | hahaha Linda a casinha, mami, dorei. <333

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