Friday, May 20, 2011


Venice its a beutiful sim, but still a work in progress, many buildings arent read yet, but it has already wonderful places and gondolas to ride in a stunning romantic atmosphere.

I was looking for a romantic place to make this picture for a contest about the Bloom Dolls, mine its the Romantic Bloom ^^.

This landmark came to me by notice in the turistas do sl group (SL tourists). Its an amazing group that sends tips about good places to visit, they also have an amazing blog about it.

Style Card

Head and Skin: *Bloom Doll* (avatar) / Boo Bloom, it came with head, skin, 3 hapes and poses by Emma Gilmour

Hat: (TokiD) Hat - black ribbon by Maya Levane

Flowers: ::SPLIT PEA:: and with bees in her breath - hair flowers by Melatonin Hax

Hair: [e] Rhythm - Red 08 by Elikapeka Tiramisu

Dress:[LWL] High Tea Gown (tea) ast culture shock until 22th !!! by Faint Paulse

Clutch: ::Duh!:: Little Black Beaded Clutch - old prize For the Seasons Hunt by Renee Harvey

Shoes: {mon tissu} Montsegur Pumps ~ Camel by Elle Spot

Pose: Bang! by Trieste Minuet

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Hacsa Karillion said...

Hello Izabelli
Today checked many visits to my blog SL tourists coming from your blog. I am very grateful for your statement.

Congratulations on your blog! Is a charm! Beautiful photos! Amei. I'll link in my favorites. Much success to you:)

Unknown said...

Olá Hacsa!

Eu leio o seu blog e estou no seu grupo (como Isabelli resident, a Anatine eu quase nao logo mais.. o inventario da resident é mais novo e organizado rsss)

Que bom que estejam usando o link! :D

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