Monday, August 29, 2011

Inis Caiseal, Empress and Hierophant and Alchemy Imortalis

Inis Caiseal, is a magical place, where some paths leads you to monoliths, and if you touch this stones they will make you dance (it rezz couple's dance poseballs).

There is parts of the sim where the rain never stops, and a elven pavilion with a unique beauty near a lake full of water lilies where the swans never go to far.

The next sim, with same theme is The Empress and Hierophant, with a rustic, country architectural antiques buildings. This sim will offer opportunities for short term holiday stays soon.

The other SIM is "Alchemy Immortalis" , home of a store with the same name.

Surely you need to visit all this charming sims, you won't regret.

All those 3 sims has a magical atmosphere, and it made me want to dress up as a Fairy, and here I am!

I get this stunning dress in a hunt a while ago at PupleMoon and I'm not sure if this still around.

The Staff is a prize of The Unknown Hunt : Epic Newness, a different kind of hunt, where just new stores are participating (opened after September of this year). The organizer of this hunt is Evelyn Hartshon, more info about this hunt here.

Style Card

Skin: -Glam Affair - Amelie Natural - Breeze BL by Aida Ewing for TDR

Makeup: L.Fauna Smokey Cat-Shadow [Purple] by Launa Fauna

Eyes: .ID. July Gift / Bullseye in Purple by Audrey Lamede

Lashes: [ glow ] Devilicious 00 (nose) lashes by Anemysk Karu and [ glow ] studio - Innocent. eyelashes - intensive by Jocelyn Anatine

Hair: Exile Darla/arctic by Kavar Cleanslate, old TDR blue Item, not available anymore

Headband: [ glow ] studio Fresh Flowers Wreath I by Linka Demina for TDR

Earrings: [MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earring (Rose) by Ayumi Cassini for TDR

Dress: :: PM :: Titania in Purple by Poulet Koenkamp

Wings: Dusk Wings from *Wishbox* by Wisp Jinn (free, its a box at the entrance)

Nails: SINRA 2 NAIL/silver by Kikonosuke EEl

Shoes: [Gos] Platform Pump - Purple/Black by Gospel Voom

Staff: *BP* Wizard Staff for Unknown Hunt by Morsmordre Furman

Poses: Frozen Panty by Takeshi Kiama and Bent! by Catherine Fairport

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