Sunday, September 11, 2011


Cadenza means Rhythm, and is the name of this stunning sim. This place is beautifully made, remembering sound waves going trough the air.

If you follow the waves you will find out it came from a piano, in the middle of a charmed garden.

Everything in this sim screams music.  So let the music guide you and enjoy your stay here.

Take pictures and machinimas are allowed and supported by th sim owner, so you can run your scripts and rezz your stuff here.

Now, things that are not about the sim!!!

My hair is one of Tram's new release  and it will be part of Choice 2011!  It will start at September 24th.

"You can get a Choice! stamp card when you buy a Choice! identified item. The card will be included with what you buy.
-Attach the card (either to any position of your body or to your HUD is okay), and visit all Choice! stores.
In no particular order, but you do need to visit all stores to complete your stamp collecting quest.
-Touch a Choice! stamping machine to stamp at the store. It's free, no charge.
-You can exchange your full stamped Choice! stamp card (it must have 20 stores' stamps on it) to one of your favourite prizes available at the Choice! Event Hall.
No matter where you get a card. You can choose any prize you want.
As a stamp card is transferable, you can give it your friend to enjoy this event together. You can even give him/her your completed card as an easy and great gift."  

Style card

Skin: [Ill] Illusory - Skin_Paige_Honey - Naturally Neon by  Crushed Clarity for Collabor88, just 88L

Makeup 1:  La Malvada Mujer - Twiggy eyes + fr. by Faina Cortes  , just 10 L
Makeup 2:  La Malvada Mujer - Simple Line+ Blush   by Faina Cortes, old gift -  not available anymore
Makeup 3:  [PF] Elly <C/M/H> - Glam Lipstick - (Bubblegum) by Mochi Milena, part of Elly Skin
Makeup 4:  birthmark 8-full face
Hair: tram A812 hair(B) / darksalmon (size40)  by Moca Loup
Headband: NHA! Headband Bia  by kyrha Bouscario   for The Tropicalia Bazaar, just 50 L
Eyes: .ID. Light Sensitive - Light Blue LEFT by Audrey Lamede 
Lashes: (amper) frequency hijack : lashes by Ampersand Artful, not available anymore, but she has new stuff on market place and Collabor88Shrug: Zaara : Naina distressed shrug *white* 2  by Zaara Kohime
Dress: erratic / TDR - ruched dress white by Erratic Rain for TDR, not available anymore in this particular model, but there is a smililar one at her maintore
Leggins: erratic / laser cut leggings - light pink by Erratic Rain
Boots: [Gos] GTFO Boot in 8 Colours by Gospel Voom
Jewelry: :: PM :: Margo SET- Green/Gold/Red by Poulet Koenkamp for The Tropicalia Bazaar, just 59 L
Fan: LaGyo_Leilani fan with flower by Gyorgyna Larnia , poses by thess Larnia -  old item for MSW, not available anymore. But there is other great acessories and poses at LG Concept.

Poses: Bent! by Catherine Fairport

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