Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pixel dreams and One Voice

Pixel dream is a lovely creation by the Owner of Pixel Mode. At the land point you need to choose the store or T-Town, the name of this installation at ground level.

It is a nice country farm.. .sort of.

It is pretty, well built and textured.

Im testing some features on nirans viewer, like gamma correction and tone mapping and SSAO Option, I think it turned my pics a little weird, with some blue spots, and made shadows blue... weird, but here is the result, I would love comment on this subject.

Well, there are a couple hours before one voice ends. Go there ! Hurry! And thanks a lot for all of you that supported Gala and all creators standing with then against hypocrite thief s.

Style Card

Skin: Izzie's - Gala Skin pale by Izzie Buttonfor One Voice, it came with several tatoo layers, many eyeshadows, lipsticks, freckles and more.

Hair: *Alice Project* Kumi - Soft [M] - Infinity by Alice Demonia for Hair Fair 2012

Eyes: .ID. MESH Eyes / Light Sensitive / Brown by Audrey Lamede

Dress: [Aura]- Summer Fun (short) - My Second Box by Tyr Rozenblum for Mysecondbox (check notices on group)

Earrings: [HANDverk]Coral by Daphne Klossovsky for Fameshed

Necklace:  [HANDverk]Coral Medallion by Daphne Klossovsky for Fameshed 

Boots: J's WesternBoots (Sand) by JB Gazov

Poses:  Adorkable by Adorkable Peapod for One Voice 

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