Friday, February 1, 2013

Walking around Soho

Hello! I've been wearing this outfit for weeks (thank God my pixels doesn't stink hehe), so I decided to share it with you ;-)

Many of you may know I'm a Brazilian woman, that lives in São Paulo, one of the biggest cities in the world.

Some New Yorkers that I meet here in Brazil told me they feel in home here in São Paulo, so I guess I would feel home there too...

When I were younger, I used to walk in my mini skirt, boots and earphone  in the downtown.. call me nostalgic, but I used to be almost like my av here in this pictures... this may be the reason to stick with this outfit for so long...

By the way, the location of this pictures is New York City, a place that I really like to take urban pictures that not have the decay feeling.

Style Card

Skin: FAKE :: Miel Skin - Porcelain Tone - Freackles/GingerBrows by Bonnie Forder

Make Up: FAKE :: Miel Skin - Barbie by Bonnie Forder

Beauty Mark: L.Fauna Beautymark - Bayonetta by Launa Fauna

Hair: Alice Project - Rose - Infinity by Alice Demonia

Eyes: FAKE :: Realistic Eyes [Blue shades] Sky by Bonnie Forder

Eyelashes: [sauce] frequency hijack ; lashes top/bottom by Ampersand Artful

Headphone: .:Standby Inc. - Retro Headphones - Dragon (head) by StandbyInc (old arcade item)

Necklace: LaGyo_Cloe necklace silver by Gyorgyna Larnia

Sweater Cozy > Teal > by GeometryClothing

Skirt: [Auxiliary] Alluring Mini *Mesh* - A (xxs) by Tyr Rozenblum (old collabor88 item)

Tights: MichaMi: Pia Leggings in Black (pants) by Milla Michinaga

Boots: +>A&A<+ Gogo Galaxy -Borealis by Airedine Poe, this particular color was for MSB and it is not available anymore, but other colors can be found at mainstore.

Pose: HelaMiyo by Miyoko Magic

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