Saturday, March 16, 2013

La Tortura

Hello! Long time I didn't blog here, I've been blogging for Free*Style because I always read that blog and Sileny invited me to do it.

Actually I've been doing it for a while, I just forgot to tell you here ....oops.

Well.. this blog used to be about places  but lately  I'm not exploring places as much as I used to do, so beware that I may start to do some random posts in studio, I hope you guys stay with me.

So.. lets talk about things that are happen now! Skin Fair open the doors to public, and I went there and dig some new skin creators (at least for me), and Step Inside were one of those new faces that catch my attention. It suits me very well, and I love the red eyebrows :D

Other thing I forgot to tell you was about Free* Style Store, great stores set many items from 0-50 lindens there, you should take a look into it.

Style Card

Skin: RUNA rosy-pale eyebrow2 *Step inSide* with  rosy-pale blush5 *Step inSide*,  rosy-pale freckles *Step inSide* and  RUNA eyeshadow13 *Step inSide*, aqll included on skin pack, by Lany Jun for Skin Fair.

Eyes: FAKE :: Realistic Eyes Essencial Shades [Brown/green] by Bonnie Forder, free gift at Skin Fair

Hair: Clawtooth: Victim of Love - Strawberry cream by Bubbles Clawtooth for Collabor 88

Nails: Leverocci - Round Nails_1FA_ScarlettPlain by Jin Elfan, I could find it at her store, but here a link of this nail on market place 

Blouse: Tee*fy Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank  Floral by Azure Electricteeth for Collabor88

Skirt: (Vanguard) Peplum Skirt - XS by Rollyn, this skirt is an old item, not available anymore.

Shoes: -tb- Saddle Shoe - Brown Floral by Julliette Westerburg for Collabor88

Pose and Props: Uncertain Smile, part of Free*Style Pack 2, made by me , available only in Free*Style Store

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