Sunday, December 14, 2014


As told in the previous blogpost... more Home and Garden goodies for this winter.

I have a nice winterland playground around Kittens Heaven, with sled rezzer, ski givers, snow ball fight props... you just need to look around.

{what next} Sled Rezzer (4LI) by Winter Thorn - discounted for group for today! Half price, so hurry up.

Skye Snow Formations by Alex Bader - from  1 to 3 L.I each with 10m size, came with the snow texture I am using on the ground.

Beech forest - winter - C/M by Nadine Reverie - 5 L.I

HPMD* Garden Tree08 - snowy a by Sasaya Kayo - 2 L.I

Ski Giver by Hutch Reverie - 15 L.I with pink and blue ski givers

:Fanatik Architecture: LOFOTEN Winter (rocks) by Kendra Zaurak (L.I varie too much, sicne I edited all rocks, 8 rock types to play with)

[DDD] Low Poly Tree Pack by Kalia Firelyte - L.I from 1 - 4 - all seasons included by touch, scripts can be killed

YOSEMITE GOLD Sim Surround Environment 5.1 by Sominel Edelman - off sim with 94 Land Impact, change every single texture on it, so 4 seasons and fantasy textures as you wish.

Elk Pack by Hannah Kozlowski - 2 L.I each

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