Sunday, February 8, 2015

Spring is almost here

I am rebuilding Kittens Heaven  (again) so beware of the floating prims!

I will blog all items here, so.. lets go!

Water Plants by Cube Republic 

Cattails - Each cluster is either 1 or 2 LI at rez scale, 12 different clusters

Iris Pseudacorus - The package comprises of 8 individual pieces. These are further split between regular and light. Light being a more pastel shade of yellow. 

Frogbit - The package comprises of 18 individual arrangements. The odd numbers are without flowers, while the even named sections are with flowers.

Pond Jetty and extra Jetti by Cube Republic 

Pond Jetty - 4 LI.

Jetty - The kit comprises of 8 pieces to mix &  match. Each piece comes with both short & long legs. Land impact goes from 1 -3 at rezz size.


Hayabusa Design Box Tree NG M1 2015 by Hiroshi Seoung - Buold your own tree with this kit. The branches "moves with the wind", changes texture via menu.

Armetias Oak VF3  by Cube Republic  - 4 Season oak, change the texture via hud.

Flower by Cube Republic 

Bloodroot  - 4 different clusters with 1  land impact each at rezz size.

Trillium - The trilliums come in three clump sizes, small, medium & large. Land impact goes from 1 - 2 at rezz size.

Orchids - The package comprises of 14 individual plants and 2 branches. Each plant is 0.5 LI, while the branch displays are 6 and 4.

Waterfall by Aki Shichiroji

House hunt prize, 20L only 

Offsim mountains and waterfalls by Sominel Edelman

YOSEMITE GOLD Sim Surround Environment 5.1 - 94 land impact, change every single part of texture, so you can use it to change with seasons, fantasy sims and so on.

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