Sunday, July 19, 2015


This time I don't have a nice blogpost, because this is about a dear friend that had past away, Don Mills.

God decided was time to have Don by his side and let this world with less charm, kindness, mischievous and fun.

Don was all this and so much more. He was the last of the genuine gentlemen I had the pleasure to meet.

He was a loving person, with great sense of humor,  flirty, but in a classy way, the way is rare today, the way it would make your day.

About a year ago he asked me to do pictures with him, for his blog... Always in good company,  he used to do this with his female friends.

All pictures used to be about love and tease, so I decided at the time  make the opposite.

It was fun and I used to torture my friends with online karaoke, so it was really about  our friendship.. but now he is gone I regret a lot not had made more pictures , some loving ones because this is the only picture I did with him.

Rest in peace my friend, I will miss you a lot.

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