Friday, January 8, 2010

Once upon a time...


... a girl called Isabelli Anatine found a magic world, wasn't an ordinary world...but an entire new Universe called Second Life.

She was trully happy on Second Life, cause all places that she used to go were soo beautifull, full of nice and kind people...but times to times she saw a poor, a new person without lindens to buy clothes , and tryed to help...

Isa helped soo many people..but she realised it wasen't enough...then she created a blog with hints where to find freebie stuff on second life. She used to write this blog in portuguese...cause she is Brazilian. But somehow it didtn't make her happy anymore...she still help to find nice stuffs, but she wanted baddly share more then this..and not just to people who talks in portuguese...she wanted be a story teller and now...

Here I am, creatting a new blog, whit hints and tips of all kinds, not just for freebies, I will mix and match my finds like new places, rp histories, or whatever comes in my mind *winks*

Soo fell free to share with me your fairytales sl histories fullfilled of pics.


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