Thursday, January 13, 2011

Support Fail.. again

There we go... I created this blog a long .. long time ago, and right after I started to have so many issues in my RL that I could post here as I wished.. but now Ill put some little efort in this and start all over again.

First of all, since 12/03/2010 my main account , Isabelli Anatine is on hold by LL, and I already filed a ticket, called support, used live chat, sended my ID documentation as they asked for... but nothing happens, my account still on hold.

Yesterday I used the live chat again, and for the first time one of them tried to confirm my documents, adn say to me wait few more days.

Yeap... I'm not happy.

For now I'm loggin with my newbie account Isabelli (resident).

She is cute, and this weekend I will go to forum's party.. I already got my Hippie outifit.

Groovy baby!

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