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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Iron Fist

Iron Fist is a biker sim... or at least used to be, they are rebuilding and it is getting an abandoned town feel... kinda dark... with some swamp things, desert roads.. but I may be wrong, since it is a work in progress... but I see some bats and pumpkins, so it might be just a preview of halloween...

Anyway, this sim allow rezz and is already looking pretty awesome!

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Café Green Gables

Café Green Gables is a really cozy Japanese place. The decoration makes me want stay for long time just looking around and relax a bit.

I wear a really cozy outfit and feel like home here.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Welcome to Kittens Heaven Café!

Ohai fellows! Did you missed me? No? Nobody  noticed my absence....

For those that noted... I can explain... bringing some good news. My SL dream come true... this weekend I opened to public my own sim, yes, a brand new sim for you all visit. It is called Kittens Heaven.

There are many places to explore and take pictures. As a SL explorer I know that we love places that allow rezz, because it make a way easier take group pics... so.. my sim allow rezz and run scripts.

You will find a cozy café here. Click on all food and drinks, because many of them are interactive. My pictures are taken on the second floor of this café, were you will find a Bar and a stage with some nice poses on it (that I'm not showing)

This sim is decorated for autumn, I hope you all enjoy it .

Now I need to tell you that some things might change in this blog... I may not explore properly sl for a while, because I kinda fell in love for my place and I want to blog all pretty nooks on it.

Plus, I kinda want to do some studios pictures, now that I have prim enough to do my own and private studio... is what I will do.. eventually ;-)

So I will do some simple LOTD pictures or whatever came into my mind... please don't go away!!!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012


SSOC is a Japanese combat sim. Unfortunately the description is in Japanese and I don’t understand a single word about it.

You arrive at a hub, wait it to rezz and get a teleport touching the SSOC board.

On the ground level you will be amazed with a urban sim, where you can run scripts and rezz objects, as almost all Combat/RP sims.

I guess this sim still under construction, but seems like it will be other kind of “district”, like an army thing.

I saw some people driving wart tanks... So yes, it looks like a war combat sim.

Other thing that I had noticed were some outdoors of well know Japanese brands (I guess so), like Coco, R2, grasp and others, there is a mall building, but none vendor yet.

Come visit and if you understand japanese let me know what this rp is about!!!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

NOTsoBAD ColdLogic

NOTsoBAD is an urban sim, with really nice textures and building, it is also a Main Store, so you can buy the buildings and furniture here!

Well, these pictures above are my entries to ColdLogic contest. All you need to do is grab this awesome mesh dress for free at ColdLogic subscribe (3 colors and several sizes), take your pictures and submit the pic on ColdLogic Group before January 30th. You can see the rules of contest here.

ColdLogic is a brand new store, actually a collaboration project  with some well know names working on it as Damien Fate, the creator of several sculpies and mesh items out there, Janie Marlowe, owner and creator of Jane and Zyrra Falcone.

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