Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crowdore - Alice's Madness

Crowdore its a sim dedicated to Alice: Madness Return, the place is so pretty and scary at the same time, colorful and dark, really amazing textures and building here.
At the landing point you have see a room fulfilled with glowing potions, and it gives you the feeling of be part of the history (or movie ^^).

Since I had to turn of the local light to take the pic (the potions REALLY glow) I created a special windlight to this sim, called Isa Spooky, kinda greenish, but I"m pretty satisfied with the result :D

You can grab my windlights here.

As soon I see pics of this place on Koinup I decided to do a couple of things, dress myself as Alice (sort of) and make my pics to Bubblegum Weekends Challenge, do the Inspire Challenge too.

The inspire challenge is a wonderful thing to do , since we see flames , drama and trolls everywhere.

All you need to do is tell people who inspires you in SL, and why. I truly wished to take pics with the person who inspired me to start to blog, Welma Larsson, AKA Welmita Bonekita, the writer of "This doll has a Handbook" blog, she doesn't post anymore, and I'm not sure if she is on SL anymore.

She is a Brazilian girl, just like me, and at 2008 she used to post pretty pics, hints and tips and fight against content theft in SL.

Of course this challenge will have another posts, because many other inspires me nowadays, and I will post about all of them :D

We all need to spread the love despite the hate, and this challenge its a good start.

Well, lets get back to my Alice Version ^^ , I started to search in my inventory a dolly dress, but I'm not a blue lover, so no... no dolly blue dress, then I found a Rotten Toe prize for some old hunt and TaDAAAA , I was almost there (by the way, this prize still there, for free). Then I put some frills and puff sleeve from my favorite Blouse from G Field, some socks, but.. what to put in my feet?

I went to market place to search some low pumps, frilled pumps and I finally found a small shop called Hopy-Poly, I decided to go in wold check the place, they have few items, but they are all cute and the demo is wearable, so go there and grab it.

Style card

Skin: [PF] Elly - Copper (ltbrow/freck) by Mochi Milena
Makeups: [PF] Elly Doll Gloss (Hot Pink)(it came with Elly skins) by Mochi Milena
Eyes: [ROLY-POLY]GlassEeys (charcoal) S by Licht Lapis (free)
Lashes: [ glow ] studio - Innocent. eyelashes - gentle by Jocelyn Anatine
Hair: [e] Play 2 - White 05 (tinted) by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Dress: Vintage dress by Elsa Liebknecht
Sleeves and Frills: part of *GF* Silky Blouse "Charlotte" white by Cerberus Noel
Socks: *GF* Ruffle Socks -white- (knee high)
Shoes: [ROLY-POLY] -DECO- by Licht Lapis (free)

Poses: GLITTERATI by Katey Coppola, free at Truth District

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