Monday, July 1, 2013

I need your help to Bring Kittens Heaven Back!

Good morning friends!

For the very first time I'm here to beg for your help.

If you read my blog or follow me on twitter or plurk you know my SL dream  is have a beautiful sim open to public, that allow rezz and run scripts, to be family, photographer and blogger friendly.

Once upon a time I had this place called Kittens Heaven, and I had to close it for financial issues... but now I have an opportunity to open it back, but I need your help.

SL10B contest finally closed to new entries and now you can vote, the prize is a free homestead for 4 months.

I am on this contest, I never  enter in any contest, but this one can bring Kittens Heaven back, and so I made my entry to it.

The picture above is my entry, all you need to do to help me is click on this link , log with you SL account and click on "Kudo", don't worry, it is an official Linden Lab forum.

The picture with more kudos will win the homestead.

I'm really  anxious to it and I may apology for this shameless begging here, but I cannot let this pass.

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